Herbs that treat cavities

Whoa! For someone plagued with the sweet tooth this is a godsend.

“You mean I can chew random plants and be healed from cavities!”

No not really but, this is a pretty comprehensive list of herbs that are beneficial to your mouth due to their propensity for pain killing or bacterial fighting.

mental scop pic

And even curiouser is the claim that cavities can be reversed. So reported in this article.

How to make your own hand soap

link to page soap

Aside from saving a lil bit of money I think my hands could really benefit from the use of alternative soap. Store bought brands that sell their items in bulk do not always have a pleasant  smell and those specialty soaps with a little more quality ingredients tend to run about $5 per 7 fluid ounces (which is quite pricey for me).

There is just something about triple milled or natural soap made from essential oils and lye that I am crazy about. Once I started using these products I just couldn’t go back to Dial, Ivory or Dove. I did notice that one of the drawbacks to this soap is that it has a shorter shelf life than those bought at the stores. As noted in the comments section. But if you wash your hands a lot I don’t think it will be a problem. Can’t wait to try this neat lil recipe.

Where to recycle your bras?

I know I thought I was off this recycling kick. And how indecent of me! “Be a lady and don’t talk about unmentionables!”

What can I say. I am a stickler for completion.

For mens un-donatable items I designated American Textiles

For women’s un-donatable items I have chose Bras for a Cause (which supports breast cancer survivors)


Now to see which place takes my fabric remnants…

Can humidity be reduced naturally?

Man. Summer and rain are a lethal combo. Although plants grow fairly well during this time, I am not one that takes pleasure in living via perpetual greenhouse. I wondered whether I could make my own dehumidifier or find easy methods to keep things breezy. Here is what I found.

How to Deal With Indoor Humidity Naturally

The long short is as follows:

Humidity is bad >  it can cause unpleasant odors and mold growth > if you are into DIY you can make your own dehumidifier using rock salt, calcium chloride (kitty litter), charcoal or zeolite rocks and two buckets.

And if you are not into DIY a lot of ventilation and a fan is your answer.

Where can you recycle your old underwear and socks?

While moving, it has become apparent that a lot of things get thrown in the trash. To clear my dirty, littering, landfill loving conscience I set aside some time to find out more about textile recycling. How can I do it? Is it worth it? and is it easy to do. Quick Answer: Ya you totally can recycle your anythings washed: underwear, old socks and rags in any condition here (I only found one resource for me due to being geographically challenged. I am positive there are other more convenient resources for those living else where)


But sadly you must pay for your own postage and the internet really took a long time to stop playing coy with me on the answer to this. There are a lot of websites that want your “gently worn” donations only or websites that will give you information on why you should recycle your clothing but not tell you “HOW.”Not to mention the loads of erroneous, old and out dated information out there merely due to the fact that recycling fabric does not have enough of a financial incentive for the up keep of data communicated to the public on the subject. It kind of sucks.

Point being that the practice of fabric recycling is not well institutionalized thus resulting in poor coverage and fragmented services which are inconsistent through out the states. For instance, Goodwill and Salvation army are said to accept, yet not accept various materials depending on location. In conclusion, the practice of textile recycling on a consumer basis needs to become easier and more economical in order for the everyday person to comply. Otherwise the trash is the best place: its free, its easy and requires zero effort.

Comparing Skateboard tools

Got a new skateboard tool when I ordered new wheels. This is the most compact of all the tools I have owned and it works great! It is the equivalent of the T tool that is mostly for removing trucks, wheels or tightening the axel. The best tool for anything to do with the bearings is the bearing pull and press. I have used the universal tool for bearings too, but I find that the bearing press just saves a lot of time and energy. And any tool that keeps my hands pretty is worth it.

tiny keyblackpress green

Re-furbishing Skateboards Project

IMG_3459 IMG_3462

I recently acquired two relics in skateboard history

1. An old wooden 1970’s skateboard deck coated in fiber glass (No picture yet cuz I am lazy #notsorry)

2. A Gravity Board with recently made Gullwing Trucks and bones wheels (Pictured above)

Today I did a cost analysis of how much it would be to completely repair both boards with all specs for both boards and have included examples of how I would try to make the boards look.

Gravity Example Sims example2